November 09, 2010

 Happy birthday to a friend of many years.

 My cousin Rick's daughter Jenna walks down the aisle with her groom Matt Majeur, at Boettcher Mansion, nestled on Colorado's beautiful Lookout Mtn. The view that overlooked Denver's city lights was breath-taking. Suddenly a late summer storm blew in, bringing frigid brisk winds, and a few snow flakes. (!) The bridesmaids shivered and braved the cold in their strapless summer gowns until the weather got the best of them. They sought warmth by grouping into a huddle with their arms around each other until the minister concluded the ceremony, and you never saw such a "quick" exit procession of the bride and groom with wedding party!  The wind was getting stronger and guests hair and clothing were flapping in the breeze. They hardly allowed the wedding party a complete exit before they were jostling to get out of the storm too!   The whole event was a wonderful day to remember, especially with the unexpected events that punctuated it.

 Saying goodbye to a faithful friend of  my brother and his wife. Spufi, we miss you.

 What was March like in 2010? Some brief glimpses.

 September 2010 was full. We suffered as well as rejoiced.

 Thank you sis for the drapes. Love them!

Christmas 2009--Very simple and quiet.

 Thankful for our 5 grandchildren who sparkle and grace our "tree of life." (Christmas2009)

 Ready for wishing you a Happy Birthday....

 Postcard I made and sent celebrating Eldest Grandson's 13th birthday earlier in 2010.  Everything came together for a very nice family occasion. Big thanks to Mitzi, the boys s-mom.

The 1930s Depression era ......hard times ......but there were some joys and smiles. Here are Mom and her siblings at that time.  Mom, all "dolled up" proudly shows off cake for her 6th birthday, September, 1934.

May You Always Take Time To Dance Among the Fallen Leaves

Ron, Mitzi, Caleb & Gunnar, after the festivities at White Fence Farm in Lakewood, to honor Ron's Grandmother Janice on her 80th birthday.  Sep/24/2008

[Credits: 80th Birthday_Papyrus font, ASO_SS_Paper_VintageTapestry_4
DD_KP_Filmed Overlays3_6
DSCN1258_Photo Credit: E.L. Schawo, La Salle, CO
EHI_UpattheVilla_12x12_Solid-TerraCotta Paper
ELS_red leaf cluster
Gr.Grandma Janice’s_Papyrus font, Papyrus 12_2008,
Papyrus 12_Evangeline Schawo
Ron, Mitzi, Caleb (8) & Gunnar (6)
Sept 28, 2008_Papyrus 18pt font
Two Ps_CF_wrdArt_MayYou AlwaysTakeTheTime
TwoPs_CF_wrdArt_To Dance Among The Leaves
White Fence Farm Denver. Papyrus font]

In Praise of Columbus

November 08, 2010

A Most Perfect Mother's Day...

Even though Bob could not be there this time, my family gave me the "bestest" Mom's Day in 2010. Ron and the boys came over and tilled my yard for me. They also presented me with a wheel barrow for future yard work. Mitzi and all gave me a beautiful bouquet. What a perfect day! Thanks so much.

July 18, 2010

Here is the view from eldest grandson, Chance's bedroom window, one early morning in November, 2009. Chance snapped this photo with his cell phone and forwarded a copy to my Blackberry. It was such a beautiful idyllic scene.  Thank you Sweetie. Please keep on taking  photos of the wonderful things you see in your world.

This Day I Will Marry My Friend

August 28, 2009; Oklahoma City, OK.   Bob's brother Bill, wed Sheryl Sweet.  We wish them a long and happy union. (Bouquet of orchids, oriental lilies and carnations pictured is similar to that carried by the bride.)

June 05, 2009

Chance's 6th Grade Concert_May 2009

It's all about Chance...he looked so neat as he raised his trumpet to play. He is in this layout twice (on stage and foreground) Notice "little brother peeking out below. Gunnar wanted to be a goofball and "sneak" instead of "pose" so this is the result. Chance couldn't resist and made devil fingers over Gunnar's head, but I bested that with a Photoshop "paste up" of his other arm over the devil fingers. A ha! Chance!

June 04, 2009

Being All Boy!

Grandson Chance loves to send us photos from his cell phone. This one is precious of his younger brother, Caleb, even though they were just goofing off. It was taken in black & white under low-light conditions so it came out grainy. This grainy-ness is what gives it character and Chance captured his brother's feisty happy (sometimes exaperating) nature without realizing it. Captured: truly ALL BOY!

Spaghetti Gunnar_What's in Your Wallet?

How could I resist using the "credit card lab" treatment when I saw this cell-phone-sent photo of my youngest grandson sent to me by my eldest? Thanks, Chance. We have our own "Spaghetti Jimmy"!

Happy Birthday David

To my good friend David on his May birthday. (We share the same birth year). My son Ron tells me with a sparkle in his eye and friendly arm around my shoulder, "Mom, you're still young; after all, 60 is the new 40!" And to you, David I say, " You're still young.. sixty is the new forty!"

April 28, 2009

To Love and Be Loved Is to Feel The Sun From Both Sides

Skylar, the beautiful little daughter of friends, taken by her mother, Lacey. I liked the way the sun was captured in the reflecting pool, and if you look hard, you can see koi swimming beneath the water. It was the perfect inspiration to illustrate the quote. This was a page done for a Quote challenge and color challenge. Several photos are blended and calligraphic birds from a nineteenth century Spencerian Script sample book adorn the trees.

Every Dog Has His Boy!_Chance & Lita

Chance sent this photo from his cell phone, captured by younger brother, Caleb. In their household, this dog has her 3 boys! I fell in love with this photo. It has just the right look for a watery effect. Caleb captured a moment that will be a classic "boy and dog" photo to remember. (Background: Letterbox Naturalist by Katie Pertiet for; Brushes: Dripped Stains No.3 by Anna Aspnes, DesignerDigitals; Paintstroke: Mandy Steward, Paintstrokes Embellishment Biggie,; Fonts: Swiss721 Blk Oul BT,Photoshop; VNI-HL-Thuphap, internet.)

March 05, 2009

The Joys of Children

"The Joys of Children" tells about what many parents and grandparents have experienced; the love of a child as expressed in a hand-created treasure.(click on photo for larger) This was a jewelry stand that then 8-year old Chance made for me for Christmas, 2005. The labor of love is so evident in the amount of detail he put into it. I had to preserve it for posterity and give it the most elegant display I could create--my tribute of appreciation to him for his efforts. I tried to make it look like one of those "Tiffany-like" ads you see in glossy fashion magazines. I think I captured the "ambience" with the added touch of a picture of Chance at the age of the work. Thank you, my sweet grandson. I will cherish this gift always. With you, I am truly witness to "The Joys of Children".

March 04, 2009

Night At The Ball

Another bit of whimsy with our friends Mark and Kirsten, (he who built our home and they who have a Marine son serving in Iraq at this time [Mar. 2009]). This was a souvenir postcard I made for Mark and Kirsten of their attendance with us at the Sea Bee Ball in Oct. 2006. When I saw them together in this picture, I couldn't help think "prom night" and that they made the perfect likeness of the "king and queen", so I constructed the layout around this theme. I gave it "pomp and circumstance" and flourishes of elegance and formality as befits the atmosphere at the Ball every year.

Why? (a bit of dark whimsy)

I have always liked the dark humor and style of the late Edward Gorey's ink sketchings . In this Gorey-inspired layout for a quote challenge on, the challenge was to answer the question "why" about some aspect of your life. I chose to incorporate a saying that struck me as dark irony and makes me smile everytime I look at it posted on my refrigerator: "Because if you don't go to your friends' funerals, they won't go to yours." I made the skeleton nanny and children look as if they had a ghostly glow about them and blended them into the background to look "ethereal". the flower was needed for a prop to exhibit the beautiful wordart of Anna Aspnes (designer, in an artistic way. Fun layout. :-)


Grandson Travis went sledding near our house with his cousins and sister that early weekend in December just after a light snow. I caught these pictures of him having the best time seeing who could go the fastest and not fall off the saucer.They all got wet and muddy and red-cheeked from the cold but they sledded and tumbled until they wore the snow off the ground, only to be off on a new adventure to find a better faster run somewhere else in the neighborhood.

Christmas Memories 2008

A small decorated Christmas tree with images of our good times. (card for 2008) (click for larger)

Fashion on the "Red Carpet" at the Navy Sea Bee Ball

A Navy friend's new bride asked me what kind of dress would be appropriate for her first Sea Bee Ball. I replied to her email with a "Red Carpet" take on this highly anticipated annual event. "A picture is worth a thousand words" is a truism that applies perfectly here so enjoy a glimpse of some past "couture" seen on our "Red Carpet". A few of my family are shown: the little girl is my granddaughter Makinsey; the lady in the white top and blue taffeta is our home builder's wife, Kirsten; I am the one standing in front of the flag in a navy crepe full-length gown; the lady with long dark hair in a black crepe gown with stole is my sister, Marybeth; and the two ladies in photo at right bottom-- are my sister Doreen (pink satin top), and next to her my sister-in-law, Jill ( black crepe satin gown with white satin collar). Am looking forward to this year's Sea Bee Navy gala but won't have long to wait because it happens this weekend (090307). Look for another "Red Carpet" update in the near future.

What I've Been Doing

A highschool friend whom I hadn't seen in several years sent me an email about the pot-luck party we are getting together over and asked "How are you doing?" Her question inspired this piece_a vignette that answers the question. There are other pages I want to make about the people and events that are important to me--past and present, so you are sure to see more of them in the future.

December 04, 2008

Vintage: 1947 June wedding of Janice Swiatoviak & Gerald L'Abbe

A vintage photo grouping of my parents' wedding in June of 1947 in Denver, CO. (click on photo for larger). I was experimenting with papers and may in the future change this layout. For now, I offer it for the family history it gives. This was early color photo film and was quite yellowed. I performed some digital photo restoration which put some life back into the color. I loved the colors my mother chose for her wedding and her bouquet was a work of art, which I present in a side vignette. The photo was taken in the back yard of the bride's parents' home on Bryant Street, in Denver. Flanking the bride (Janice) are her parents Pearl Newhouse Swiatoviak, and Harold (Harley) Swiatoviak. Standing by the groom (Gerry) is his sister and Matron of Honor, Mrs Rowena L'Abbe Plum of Lynn, Massachusetts. Seated in front of Judith is Bridesmaid Roberta (Bobbie) Newhouse, cousin of the bride. Also seated is Bridesmaid, Beth Swiatoviak, sister of the bride. Janice and Gerry were married in the pastor's office of Saint Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church on North Federal in Denver. (Because the bride was yet studying to become a Catholic, the ceremony could not take place in the church proper, but many modernizations would make it easier for the Faithful and converts in the coming 60s with the New Vatican Council.) This was a very happy day for my parents, but the marriage was fated to end in divorce 14 years later. One good thing, is that their five children remain close to this day.

December 03, 2008

Snapshots in time: La Salle Sunday Morning

Captured: a quiet Sunday on a cold blowing March day 2008. I love Sundays like this where I can look out my front window to see pasture and farmland. Inside, the cat sleeps by the fireplace, and I with a steaming cup of brew in hand marvel at the pink blue and lavender sky of early dawn. A stray horse is grazing, the dusting of last night's snow is on the front porch furniture; and I observe the icy street and the white "powdered sugar" lawns. The fire glows steady and warm, Bob is working in the office in his slippers, Greeley our cat is rolled into a contented ball, asleep, as the hall clock chimes the half-hour, and I am quietly observant and thankful.

Snapshot in time: Greeley Landmark

I enjoy taking photos of places as 'snapshots in time'. I want to preserve some remnant of the flavor of a place as it is currently, for future generations to see and compare changes to the landscape that will surely occur in the future. This landmark on 8th Avenue has already been changed from one of Greeley Colorado's early churches (I think Methodist),to being a real estate office. The clock adds charm, though it is a modern addition. This is how the building looked in 2006, with various features emphasized inthe layout. Though the photos were color, I used black and white for detail and time-period ambience. (If you can further identify this landmark, please drop me an email.)

Snapshots in time: Little Red Barn

A rural view in northern Colorado. Looking west on a road in Weld County, there sits a beautiful little red barn. It looked so idyllic that gray February 2000. It was so beautifully contrasted against neutral winter surroundings. It looks as though the scene is reflected in a body of water, but is only farmland. I made a copy of the picture and rotated it upside down to achieve a reflection. [Supplies: Designer Digitals, Jessica Sprague, Beautiful You Kit.]

One Thanksgiving

It's post-Thanksgiving time, but there are still leftovers from the celebration. Here is one of my favorite layouts of grandson, Travis on Turkey Day, 2007. As the story goes, after dinner at our house, I suggested we all take a walk to regenerate our energy instead of folding up on sofas in front of the TV. It was a bitter cold clear afternoon when we launched out. All 5 of the children asked to borrow a fluffy scarf as they always did whenever they stayed at Grandpa's and Grandma's. We walked, skipped and laughed to keep warm in the frigid late day sun. It was a great time and as we passed a field which the kids had to explore, Travis came back with a small treasure and excitedly exclaimed that these fresh-looking artificial flowers were going to be a gift for his mom. They were crusted with snow from a snowfall two days ago and I asked Travis to hold them up for me so we could get a photo for mom. I loved the vision of this sweet boy bundled in a bright coat holding the snow-kissed flowers under his cold-nipped cheeks. What a great moment-in-time shot!

Groovy, Baby! Shagadelic!

This was a fun entry in a scrapbook page challenge for "Everyday Inspiration" on Katie Pertiet was the designer who offered these dotted papers for the challenge.The patterns and colors spoke to me of the "Groovy 60s" we all lived through, or survived. It started with this high school graduation photo of me from 1966. Working it into an Andy Warhol, Austin Powers-style fun page, I went "free style" with its creation and came up with this FUN, Gr-oo-oo-vy layout!

Rose Hip News

What have I been doing the last weeks of November? Take a look at "Rose Hip News", a way of sharing my discovery of homemade rosehip tea with members of my family who don't use the computer. The text of article titled "drying & processing rose hips" reads: Learn how to dry rose hips, make puree and turn puree into fruit leather.Fruit leather directions are for sun-drying, but can be done in oven on lowest heat. Important caution: remove all seeds; they are covered with sliver-like hairs that irritate the digestive system. Prep: 1hr. Cooking time: 30 min. Ingredients: 4 cups (1litre) rosehips.
Prep: Just after a frost is best to gather rose hips.Scrape off small leaves, cut in half and partially dry on clean surface. When skins begin to feel dry and shrivelled, scrape seeds. (Too much or too little drying will make seeds difficult to separate from skins.) When completely dry, store in small sealed plastic bags, which will keep indefinitely in freezer or several months in refrigerator. Packed with vitamin "C", they are good to munch on when you need a boost of energy or a moderately sweet, nut-like "candy".
Making Puree: Use about 4 cups of soft, ripe hips (the riper, the sweeter) for 2 cups of puree. Remove stalks and blossom ends. Rinse. Put into pan with enough water to just about cover. Bring to boil, simmer 10-15 minutes. Press pulp through strainer. All that is left in strainer should be returned to pan, covered with enough water to almost cover again, and heat, but do not boil vigorously, so as to disolve a little more of the fruit that will strain through the sieve. Press again and repeat one more time. By now only seeds and skin should remain in sieve to be discarded.
Drying Puree: Line 12x17 cookie sheet with plastic wrap. Spread puree or(fruit leather) evenly over plastic, but not to edges of pan. Place in hot sun to dry 6 to 8 hours. May also be dried in warm oven.

October 28, 2008

One Fun Halloween_1992

This is one of my favorite Halloween layouts. (click on photo to see larger view) It's Doreen costumed as a "biker witch" with a modern version of "the broom". Bradley (upper left) carved pumpkins with us and left for a party. Doreen & I decided to dress up and I got the idea for her to use Jason's bike on the patio as a prop and build a costume around it. She came up with this "biker babe witch" costume which had us both in stitches as I shot her in various poses. That was the most laughs and fun we'd both had in a long time!

October 09, 2008

Celebrating 40 Years

At his own wedding in Laramie, WY., Dan McCrackin, (Bob's Navy Seabee friend) snapped this touching moment between Bob and I. Thanks for inviting us to share in your happiness on this day, Dan. We wish you and Jacque a long and happy life together.  Since1968, Bob and I will have celebrated forty years of marriage on August 31st. Photo taken 7/25/2008.

Note: I'd had this quote overlay for several years and never used it until the colors in this photo sparked an idea that "clicked in" for the quote's colors. The photo had slightly washed-out colors which made a perfect setting for the gentle colors of the quote.
[Credits:40_La Jolla ES,  August 31, 1968-2008_University Roman BD
DSCN0901_Bob & Evangeline 7/25/09_Laramie WY
Evangeline & Bob
Evangeline Schawo 7/26/2008_Humanst521 BT
Photo Credit: Dan McCrackin, _Humanst521 BT
TwoPs_VP_My Guy_You Are Everythingl_Years_La Jolla ES]

October 05, 2008

Appreciations Montage of Mom's/Janice's Sep. 24th 80th Birthday

This is a montage in scrapbook pages, of all the appreciative well-wishes to Janice/Mom on the occasion of her 80th birthday, September 24, 2008. Thanks to all who contributed to this gift and to the happy memorable day she said she had. It was her 80th birthday, and Marybeth & Fitz arranged to take Mom to her favorite restaurant, White Fence Farm. What she didn't know is that it was planned that when she walked in, the whole family would be assembled as a surprise to celebrate HER! It worked! She was totally caught off-guard as we broke into a rendition of "Happy Birthday". It was a fun time with smiles all around, balloons, flowers, singing birthday cards, a gift or two, lots of photos, grandkids, great-grandkids, and fried chicken with the fixings. We all went home tired and full with the enjoyment we had all contributed to Mom's happy day!

Mom --At One Year and Twelve

This page is the frontpiece for the collection presented to Mom/Janice of our appreciations and reminiscences of this beautiful lady celebrating her 80th birthday. Looking through my small collection of vintage photographs, I came across these two of Mom and found them irrisistible. So beautiful, so tender, they begged to be "scrapped" as a vintage cyanotype. Several remarked that this page looked like the design for a postage stamp.

October 04, 2008

Brother Jack

Mom's brother, Jack had some nice reminiscences and touching sentiments. (click to view larger)
I thought I'd found gold when I came across the two vintage photos of Uncle in his earlier years. I love these of him at age 5 in Huntley NE, and at age 17 in Denver on the day of his sister Janice's wedding. Such a cute little boy and handsome teenager! (That is one of the nice things about the genes of this side of the family: the men age well! Grandpa Harley was a handsome man until the day he left us!)
It's interesting to get a mental snapshot of what life's moments were like from the people who lived those earlier times, as Uncle Jack described here. Family Treasure for our children is the appreciation that we can try to teach them of their history--their family stories. Thanks Uncle Jack!

Evangeline_Ten Things I Love About You Mom

Here are just a few of the things I remember that Mom did to shape me and for which I am grateful to her. (Photos: May 2008, and March 1949 at age 1.) Mom especially enjoyed seeing the "child-adult" contrast photos on these pages. It brought back some memories to her. (click on picture for larger view)

Marybeth_Thanks For Being A Great Mom

Marybeth's sweet sentiments. Photos show her Sep. 2008 and at age 11.

What I Love About You_Brian,Julie, Bob, Ron, Kitty

Bob tells his mother-in-law what he appreciates in her, as does eldest son Ron. (Notice the flower in lower corner: that's Kitty, Ron's girlfriend lurking in-cognito! Kitty tries to avoid the camera lens. Anyway all wished Janice/Mom a wonderful 80th birthday, and Brian & Julie added their salutations later, by hand--all the more meaningful. (9/28/08) [notice embossed background paper--gives dimension and interest.]

Doreen with Jason and Brad

Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma! (9/28/08). Jason, his girlfriend Mariah and Mariah's little Gage, along with Bradley share this page with their Doreen's first sentiment. The page uses the same background and colors as the following one with all Doreen's comments to show the relationship of a two-page layout. (click on page for larger view)

Doreen_Mom You Bring Joy To My Heart

Doreen had a lot to appreciate about Mom, which needed a page of its own and carries over from the previous page shared with her two boys. I love her joyfulness captured in this photo taken end of Sep 2008. Notice the backdrop of the page--how her photo blends into a soft background. Reminds me of a photo of Marilyn Monroe that I saw once.
Kevin's comments were touching. Wanted a clean uncomplicated page for him. I like the contrast between the cute little boy and the handsome man.